Fulshear House Cleaning

Everyone loves a clean home, but with your job, family, and even yourself, the priorities sometimes overshadow housekeeping chores. And they should! Your family should come first, after all. So how can you get the clean, fresh home you still crave?

Fulshear House Cleaning Service to the rescue! Hiring Katy Cleaning for your Fulshear house cleaning will relieve you of the repetitive tasks like vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing and sanitizing. With regular house cleaning by us, your home will sparkle and shine. We have been providing reliable house cleaning services since 2007!

For our weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients, we will schedule cleaning services that will allow you and your family a day you can depend on for your cleaning.

For regular house cleaning (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) for your Fulshear home, we will clean on the same day of the week (example: every other Thursday). For once a month cleanings, you are scheduled every fourth week, which means it’s not always the same day of the month but rather every fourth Thursday (as an example).

Regular House Cleaning includes:

  • All Areas: Empty trash, tidy up, remove cobwebs, dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.
  • Kitchen – Clean outside of appliances, countertops, sink; vacuum rugs; mop floors; empty trash.
  • Bathrooms – Clean and sanitize sink, tub/shower and toilet; mop floors; clean and polish mirrors and fixtures.
  • Living/Dining Rooms – Clean all glass and mirrors; dust surfaces and chair legs; vacuum/mop rugs/floors.
  • Bedrooms – Make beds, dust surfaces, vacuum (including under bed).
  • Laundry Room – Wipe down washer/dryer, mop/vacuum.

Good Reasons to Hire Us for Your Fulshear House Cleaning

Perhaps you are still having trouble justifying the cost of hiring a housekeeper. Here are 5 reasons that may change your mind.

1.) You Have a Full-Time Job

Coming home after a long busy day on the job, the last thing you want to do is scrub bathrooms, mop floors, or other drudgery. Your evenings off are better spent having dinner with the family, enjoying your favorite game or TV program, or just sitting down with a good book. And weekends are for fun and leisure activities. Wouldn’t you rather see a great movie or go to your kids’ soccer games than be home (literally) sweating the small stuff?

2.) You Have a Busy Family Life

Many adults have packed calendars, especially with children who need to be taken to appointments, are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, or chauffeured to and from friends’ homes and school. Adding housework to this mix can be overwhelming, decreasing your pleasure in the activities that should matter more.

It’s hard to find time or energy for family outings and date nights when you spend your time cleaning, cooking and taking care of your children. If your schedule is already overwhelming, keeping the house in order becomes a daunting task that can take a toll on your marriage, as well as your health.

3.) You Enjoy Entertaining

If you like having company, you don’t want them coming over to a mess. If it’s a one-time party, you could have your home cleaned before and after the event, leaving you with the time and energy for the menu, entertainment, etc.

Are you constantly worried about drop-in guests who might see your home in a state you’re not proud of? Hiring Katy Cleaning on a regular house cleaning schedule will keep the major housekeeping done, so you just need to tend to the lesser daily chores of dish washing, bed-making, and pick-up. Whether we clean once a month, bi-weekly or weekly, it’s sure to relieve you of the major cleaning chores.

4.) Cleaning Is Not Your Forte

Not many people enjoy house cleaning or they may not be good or efficient at it. Even if you don’t mind cleaning, other priorities may be more important, and—let’s face it—usually more fun. Why spend hours doing something that you don’t enjoy? Spend more time doing what you like doing, or something that actually is more productive.

5.) You Deserve a Break

Why do you even need a reason to give yourself a treat? Don’t you deserve some time to yourself? Haven’t you earned it? Wouldn’t you love to spend that time doing yoga, taking a nice walk, or going to the gym; something to actually improve your well-being?

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