One Time Cleaning

We will be happy to handle your one-time and occasional housecleaning needs. Katy Cleaning Maid Services can clean your home before and/or after parties or other special events. Plus, Katy Cleaning Maid Services can keep a home for sale in sparkling showing condition.

These types of residential cleanings are usually a combination of Basic Tasks and Extras, tailored to meet your individual needs. We make sure everything you have requested is efficiently cleaned to your specifications.

Why Schedule a One-Time Home Cleaning Service?

While regularly scheduled home cleanings can keep your home looking spotless year round, here at Katy Cleaning Services we understand that there are times when you need a one-time deep cleaning service.

Is it time to tackle spring cleaning and get your home thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom? Getting ready to throw a party with your friends and family? Or do you usually handle your household chores but you’d like to have your home professionally cleaned for a change?

No matter the reason, we are here when you need us and will give your home the attention it deserves. From tackling the small details like cobwebs in a corner to making sure your floors are sparkling, our one-time house cleaning service will transform your home and make sure it looks its very best.

One-Time Cleaning includes:Grandmother and granddaughter running in the park


  • Clean outside/ front refrigerator
  • Clean outside of all appliances
  • Clean in/outside of microwave
  • Clean entire countertops
  • Clean stovetop & hood
  • Spot clean outside of cabinets
  • Clean and sanitize sink & faucet
  • Vacuum kitchen rug as needed
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Vacuum & mop floor
  • Clean inside backyard door
  • Empty trash


  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean exterior of all vanities
  • Clean & sanitize sinks and counters
  • Clean soap, toothbrush holder
  • Clean tub & shower
  • Clean/mop floors
  • Clean toilet (behind as well)
  • Polish/dry faucet
  • Dust vents
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty trash

Living Areas/Dining Room

  • Clean all glass & mirrors
  • Vacuum carpet/rugs
  • Vacuum/mop tile & wood floors (if applicable)
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Dust chair legs
  • General straightening up
  • Empty trash


  • Dust all horizontal surfaces
  • Vacuum/mop tile & wood floors (if applicable)
  • Vacuum carpet/rugs (under beds)
  • Make beds
  • General straightening up
  • Empty trash

Laundry Room

  • Wipe down washer/dryer
  • Vacuum & mop floor
  • Empty trash

All Areas

  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust all blinds
  • Dust all exposed baseboards

Our “Tailor-Made” Cleaning Approach Will Take Care of All Your Needs

While our team uses a checklist for each room to help structure and guide our one-time maid service, we always customize our approach for each home. We understand that your needs are unique, which is why we make note of any special requests you might have. This even includes using specific cleaning products if you have a preference.

Even though we might be coming out once, you can count on us to put just as much attention to detail and effort into making sure all of your needs are taken care of. Also, because we’ll be providing you with a customized approach, you won’t have to pay for any extra cleaning services you don’t need, helping you save time and money.

What Can You Expect From Our One-Time Cleaning Service?

When you choose Katy Cleaning Services to handle your one-time cleaning service, you can rest assured knowing that our team of rigorously trained, hardworking professionals will be taking care of all your needs. When we come to your home, we’ll treat it like it’s our own — even taking full responsibility for any accidents.

With all of our services, you’ll be able to take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, just reach out to us by 11 a.m. the following day, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right.

How Our Scheduling Process Works

Here at Katy Cleaning Services, we make the entire process of scheduling a cleaning service as simple as possible. Our scheduling process involves three steps:

  1. Complete our online contact form, requesting our one-time cleaning service.
  2. Let us know about your home and cleaning needs so we can deliver a “tailor-maid” approach.
  3. Request an online price estimate.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are ready to get your home sparkling clean with our one-time house cleaning service, our team of professionals can help you get started. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call at 1-281-725-6930 or fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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